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Announcing E-Ambulance

Medibox is announcing new application in Medibox suite – Medibox E-Ambulance Kick-Start Package. Medibox suite provides the foundation for extensive automated information exchange between different health care providers. This in turn is a prerequisite for a high-quality and fast response. Imagine a situation where the ambulance squad has the readiness and the possibility to examine …

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Medibox Sonar was announced

Medibox is announcing e-Health applications monitoring agent Medibox Sonar. Unique Single Agent technology requires just one agent to manage the network, operating system and all the applications executing on a server and workstations. Single traffic light type of feedback is available for every user to understand status and availability of medical data on the field and …

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Medibox central repository announced

Medibox is announcing immediate availability of Medibox applications suite central repository Medibox Electronic Patient Record (EPR). EPR systems can provide excellent cost savings and increase clinical staff productivity. However, this can be an expensive gamble if you start everything from scratch. For this reason framework named Medibox was launched – central message-based data exchange system, …

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Medibox suite was announced

Today Medibox suite was announced. This is toolset for medical professionals so they can focus on patient.